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I develop brands by capturing my client's vision and bringing it to life through purpose and strategy to create a brand that will grow with your business for years to come. 

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i'm angelica

Your brand is a promise to your clients.
A promise of quality, consistency, competency and reliability.

-jason hartman


My designs empower my clients to express all the ways they can connect with  their customers in true and meaningful way.
Each design is as unique as the business they represent.


Serious businesses need real brands, not just a logo.

My passion for branding only begins with the logo. My designs encompass your vision, your business and your audience.

design standard & values

Your brand is a bridge between you and your ideal customer. The purpose of a brand is to make them feel connected to you business and your message. 

My job is to create a visual story through colors, patterns, fonts, graphics and a website that will help your business achieve just that.

So, I’d love to talk to you about the brand you need to make the impact you want to make with your business.

You can’t just hire anyone with a certificate in photoshop to build the brand that will tell your story to your customers. You need someone who feels more like a partner than a contractor. Someone who shares your vision and has the talent to bring it to life.

If that sounds like the brand you want to build,  then I’m the right designer for you.

My approach to branding

When you see a great brand,
you also feel it

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My approach to life

I believe that travel makes us all better humans. Travel offers a resilience, a resourcefulness,  a perspective and a deep sense of connection to our world and other humans,  that is difficult to get on that level by any other kind of experience. For these reasons I feel that travel also makes me a better designer.

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My heart is in education

Every child deserves an education and the chance to thrive.

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The powerful women who inspire me always make contribution and service a major priority in their lives, and I aspire to make a difference, too. I have a deep desire to give children around in Colombia a way to make their lives better - through opportunity, entrepreneurship, and education.