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I'm Angelica

I believe your brand is like a passport. It can take you anywhere you want to go.

so where are you headed?

The fire in your eyes tells me you have big plans. If I could, I would invite you over for a bottle of wine (or two), so you could tell me every detail of your vision.

I live for deep, late-night conversations and connecting with women who want to change the world.

So, I’d love to talk about you. Your dreams. Your plans. The brand you need to make an impact.

You can’t just hire anyone with a certificate in photoshop to build brand that will communicate who you are and how much you care about your clients to them.

You need a designer with discipline and a whole lot of imagination. Someone who feels more like a partner than a contractor. Someone who shares your vision and has the talent to bring it to life.

I believe that women will change the world, and they need great brands to do it. After all, the best brands are like fascinating women:

Beautiful, inspiring, and adventurous at heart.

If that sounds like the brand you want to build, then I’m the right designer for you.

I started my business with a big vision and no money.

I moved to the United States from Colombia when it became increasingly dangerous to live there full-time. As I immersed myself in the world of design, I saw that most designers worked in their dimly lit cubicles, snacking on Fritos, and surfing stock image sites to use on cookie cutter template websites. I couldn’t believe they called that design!

You see, I believe that a brand without soul is just a logo.

And to create with soul, you have to get out there in the world.

What I mean to say is that my global travels inform everything I do. As a woman with a serious addiction to wanderlust, I use that international perspective to design brands that appeal to your customer’s curiosity, passion and sense of adventure.

As a business owner, I also advocate for women’s empowerment around the world, the fair treatment of animals, and the protection of our planet. For more about how I do give back, click here.

I believe that my experiences, my talent and my ability to challenge the status quo can help you build a brand that not only communicates your message - but also one that challenges your customers to make a life worth living.

You need a real brand - not just a logo.
And real brands are inspired by real world experience.

I would love to meet you, work with you and help you build a bridge between your purpose and the people who will help that vision become a reality.

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and let’s kick off this relationship with a glass of merlot via Zoom!